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Biotech Essentials supports biotech research through the distribution and sales of a wide array of biotech equipment and supplies. Our specialty includes but not limited to the distribution of laboratory and scientific supplies, plastics, glasswares, and life sciences consumables to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, colleges and universities, as well as research agencies, including >>>READ MORE

Our Featured Products

Corning 2017 Red Polypropylene Cryogenic Vial Cap Inserts.

Corning 2017 Red Polypropylene Cryogenic Vial Cap Inserts
Price: $54.88

Corning 2865-18 18x18mm Square #1 Cover Glass

These 18x18 square No.1 cover glasses are made from No. 0211 zinc titania glass and are 0.13 to 0.16mm thick.
Price: $149.85

PYREX 3140-125 125x65mm Crystallizing Dish

These flat PYREX dishes have approximately a 740mL capacity with rims that are reinforced and fire polished to reduce chipping. They will withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry) and are ideal for storage and crystallization.
Price: $385.28

PYREX 3166-6 6x8mm Cloning Cylinders

Clone a single cell or group of cells by surrounding them with this PYREX glass 6x8mm open ended cloning cylinder. Dip the end of the cylinder into sterile silicone grease before pressing to the bottom of a culture dish to create an isolated well.
Price: $54.88


QBSF-60 We carry assorted serum-free media, cell culture reagents, biological sera or reagents, buffers & solutions,  molecular biology graded water, media formulation for bioscientific projects, and more >>>






Corning® 3208 0.65mL Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tube Don't forget to pick up lab coats/goggles, as well as gloves for your lab experiments or for any other  home/personal use. Get your gloves at discounted rates now. We will match any price >>>Corning® 3208 0.65mL Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tube