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Corning 6949K Chemistry Kit with 14/20 Standard Taper Joint Components

This kit is similar to No. 6949E, except the components have a 14/20 Standard Taper joint. The PYREX kit components are held in foam within a polyethylene case. The case is approximately 130mm x 256mm x 343mm. For more detail on individual components of
Price: $673.39

PYREX 7575-14 Hollow Combination 14/20 Standard Taper Joint and Reagent Bottle Stoppers

These hollow PYREX 14/20 Standard Taper joint and bottle stoppers are closed at the bottom. They are interchangeable with standard taper joints and bottle stoppers of the same size. These hollow stoppers are light in weight, yet very strong to reduce chi
Price: $63.55

PYREX 8821-14 Adapter with 14/20 Standard Taper Inner Joint and Rubber Thermometer Holder

These PYREX thermometer adapters have a 14/20 Standard Taper ground joint at one end while the other end is tooled to accommodate a thermometer. The adapter comes with a rubber thermometer holder. For replacement rubber thermometer holders, see No. 7715.
Price: $17.79

PYREX 8947-14 105

These PYREX 105
Price: $93.55

PYREX 9000-14 Three-Way Angle Connecting Adapter with 14/20 Standard Taper Joints

These PYREX angle connecting adapters have a sidearm at an approximately 75
Price: $67.22

PYREX 9050-14 Claisen Three-Way Connecting Adapter with 14/20 Standard Taper Joints

These PYREX Claisen adapters have 14/20 Standard Taper outer joints at the upper end and on the parallel sidearm and an inner 14/20 Standard Taper joint at the lower end.
Price: $89.00
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